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Ponerine.org            On Ants and Systematics

This site is home to a number of resources related to ants and systematics. Most significant of these will be The Rough Guide to Ponerine Ants. Ponerines are a primarily tropical subfamily whose nearly 1,000 species display impressive morphological, ecological, and behavioral diversity. The Rough Guide will contain information about all known ponerine species, with links to other sources of relevant information.

Ponerine.org currently contains a list of specimens in my personal ant research collection, links to other myrmecology and systematics websites, and my freely available software projects. I am also developing pages of ant photos.

All content, including text and images, are copyright of the author. See the About page for terms of use and additional information about the site and its author.

Recent News
earlier news

6 September, 2006: Added initial pages for Myopias and set up a primitive RSS feed for the site.

21 August, 2006: Removed the defunct Site Map page, added a new link, and set up Google Analytics. In the coming days I plan to (finally) finish the initial Rough Guide pages for the remaining ponerine genera. That effort stalled because it became clear that I needed to redo it as a MySQL database, rather than as static webpages.

13 April, 2006: Posted ConsensusBranchLengths, a new Mesquite package which calculates mean branch lengths for consensus trees.

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