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The goal of Ponerine.org is to provide a set of resources for researchers and others interested in ants or systematics. The most substantial of these is The Rough Guide to Ponerine Ants, which is still in early development.

The site is also intended to act as an outlet for some of my projects and interests, such as my modest software and photography efforts. Perhaps most importantly, it gives me an opportunity to explore web design.

Ponerine.org utilizes the PHP script of Dan Benjamin (on A List Apart) for random image rotation. The search facility is powered by Google, NuSOAP, and Stylegala. Unless otherwise noted, all other content on Ponerine.org (including text, code, and graphics) is copyright of the author and cannot be reproduced without explicit written permission. If you find mistakes or have suggestions for improvements, please let me know!

About the Author
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I am a doctoral student at the University of Arizona, in the lab of David Maddison. My dissertation focuses on the evolution of ponerine ants. I am using molecular phylogenetics, morphology, fossils, and biogeography to try to understand the evolutionary history of these ants, infer the events which led to their present diversity and distribution, resolve outstanding taxonomic problems, and lay a foundation for future studies of their morphological, ecological, and behavioral diversity. I am broadly interested in both entomology (especially ants) and systematics.

I can be contacted at the following address:

Chris A. Schmidt
Department of Entomology
University of Arizona
Tucson, AZ 85721

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