KeyKey            Interactive Keys for Mac OS X

KeyKey is a software platform for interactive identification of biological specimens. Interactive keys have a number of advantages over traditional dichotomous keys. For instance, they allow users to focus on characters in any order they choose, to whatever level of certainty they feel comfortable with. They make it possible in some cases to identify damaged specimens, which may be missing the particular characters used in a dichotomous key. They can also provide additional aids for identification, such as photos, videos, or 3-d models.

My goal in developing KeyKey was to provide a free, easy to use, and elegant interactive key program. While it is still rough in many respects, the current version is usable and is intended more as a working preview of what I eventually hope to develop than a full-featured program.

KeyKey includes the following features:

  • Native Mac OS X Cocoa interface
  • Character View: Show the taxa which have particular character states
  • Taxa View: Show the character states for a given taxon
  • Fully integrated web browser, for accessory documentation and visual aids
  • Log: Keep a history of the steps you have taken in making an identification

KeyKey Screenshot
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