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Recent News

6 September, 2006: Added initial pages for Myopias and set up a primitive RSS feed for the site.

21 August, 2006: Removed the defunct Site Map page, added a new link, and set up Google Analytics. In the coming days I plan to (finally) finish the initial Rough Guide pages for the remaining ponerine genera. That effort stalled because it became clear that I needed to redo it as a MySQL database, rather than as static webpages.

Earlier News

13 April, 2006: Posted ConsensusBranchLengths, a new Mesquite package which calculates mean branch lengths for consensus trees.

20 March, 2006: Added initial pages for Leptogenys and Loboponera, and updated the Collection list.

20 February, 2006: Fixed another bug in the site search, added some new images, and posted an initial page for Hypoponera.

10 February, 2006: Fixed several bugs in the search facility and some errors in the XHTML code, and posted an initial page for Harpegnathos.

8 February, 2006: Updated the About page, improved the navigation for the Rough Guide, and posted initial pages for Diacamma, Dinoponera, Dolioponera, Emeryopone, and a few species-level pages (e.g. Anochetus mayri). I am aware of problems with the site's new Google search facility - it frequently returns a "no results found" message when it shouldn't. I am investigating the issue...

6 February, 2006: Improved the site search so that results are returned within a page rather than a Google page (thanks to Google, NuSOAP, and Stylegala). I also posted initial pages for Belonopelta, Centromyrmex, and Cryptopone.

31 January, 2006: Made several design tweaks, fixed a bug in the PHP code, and improved the navigation for The Rough Guide to Ponerine Ants. I also posted an initial page for Asphinctopone.

30 January, 2006: Posted an initial framework for The Rough Guide to Ponerine Ants. This is intended to be an initial test of the navigational system and PHP engine. Currently it includes lists of ponerine genera in each biogeographic region (plus fossil taxa) and the number of ponerine species described from each region. I have also posted initial pages for Anochetus, with species sorted by group and biogeography.

12 January, 2006: Added a few links, cleaned up a few images, and fixed several problems with the XHTML markup.

4 January, 2006: v2 finally goes live! This is a complete and long-overdue redesign of the site, with many under-the-hood improvements, a site-wide search facility, and other features. The focus of this update is to get the new design live and make sure everything is working properly. Some of the content (such as it was) has been removed and will be replaced soon with more extensive offerings.

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