Request for Ponerine Specimens            

I am working on the molecular phylogenetics of ants in the subfamily Ponerinae, and am in great need of specimens for DNA work. My main focus is the elucidation of the tribal and generic boundaries and relationships within the subfamily, particularly the status of the diverse genus Pachycondyla.

The subfamily is currently composed of the following tribes and genera:

Platythyreini Platythyrea
Ponerini Anochetus Emeryopone Pachycondyla
Asphinctopone Harpegnathos Phrynoponera
Belonopelta Hypoponera Plectroctena
Centromyrmex Leptogenys Ponera
Cryptopone Loboponera Psalidomyrmex
Diacamma Myopias Simopelta
Dinoponera Odontomachus Streblognathus
Dolioponera Odontoponera
Thaumatomyrmecini Thaumatomyrmex

I would greatly appreciate the contribution of any specimens from any of the above groups, from any part of the world. For DNA work they should preferably be recently collected and preserved in 95% or 100% ethanol, with full collection data. Material preserved in 70% ethanol may be useable if it is not more than a couple years old. Pinned specimens are also valuable to me and are most welcome. I will happily reimburse any shipping costs.

Please send specimens to the following address:

Chris A. Schmidt
University of Arizona
Department of Entomology
Forbes Building #36, room 410
Tucson, AZ 85721-0036

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